Paddle boarding

So I decided to not sleep in on a Sunday morning and go paddle boarding for the first time.

Paddle boarding was organised by one of my Meetup groups (I will write a post about my experiences with Meetup another time). We met up down on the Swan River, opposite the UWA Business School. I have always drove along Hackett Drive during my time studying at UWA and always saw people doing all different sorts of water sports in the area but never took the time to participate myself. Shame!

Anyway, back to paddle boarding. It cost me $25 to hire the board for an hour but to be honest, no one was really keeping time and I found 1 hour to be sufficient!

One of my biggest fears paddle boarding was obviously falling off the board in to the Swan River. Not being a strong confident swimmer, I wondered how I’d swim all the way back to shore in jelly infested waters. Luckily for me, it wasn’t windy and the river wasn’t actually deep! Fears aside, I actually had a lot of fun!

The instructor gave us a quick tutorial on what to do. i.e. start on your knees to paddle first then steadily, one foot at a time, stand on the board. It was surprisingly very easy to pick up and definitely something I will try again.

The best part – I didn’t fall in!

Until next time,



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