Topdeck App

So I decided to download the Topdeck App today.

I was very impressed with the features of the app. Perhaps it was because I wasn’t expecting much.

The home screen of the app had a photo of the first location of the trip – Paris. With a countdown! Just seeing the Eiffel Tower on the app got me all excited about my trip again!

I move onto the dashboard where there is a profile to fill in all the necessary info like your passport details and emergency contact and add a photo of yourself! There is also a detailed itinerary of the tour as well as maps of every country I’ll be visiting!

The best part of the app is “Topdeck move”.  There is a “breathe” section where Topdeck’s meditation expert goes through a selection of meditation audio to give you the ultimate zen experience whilst travelling. My favourite part are the “bucket list runs” where Topdecks’ “road crew” provide a selection of safe and scenic routes to run from various countries. Distances range from 3-6km. They also provide the elevation gain (great to know if there is an “uphill” battle) and estimated moving time! Being a runner myself, I can’t wait to get my trainers on and try out these routes.

The app also comes with a “budget” so you can keep track of how much you’re spent on your trip as well as a currency converter, world clock to tell the time and weather. There is also a trip group chat so you can connect with people who are also booked in to the same trip as you!

Another really cool feature of the app is the “Social Timeline” where you can post on Facebook on trip and offline. This means you can create posts and share photos offline and Topdeck will automatically push them onto Facebook when you have an internet connection. Handy!

Until next time,




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