La Soiree

So, it’s my favourite time of the year again – FRINGE!

Fringe has become an annual event in Perth over the summer where there are different events ranging from child friendly shows to comedy, musical and circus acts! Not to mention the various pop-up bars and eateries that pop up all over the Perth CBD precinct! It really brings the city back to life and keeps the summer vibes going!

I decided to treat my sister to a night out and got tickets to one of the award winning shows, La Soiree!

The tickets weren’t cheap but it was WORTH EVERY DOLLAR! The show was located at the Cathedral Square this year. I waited in a very long queue to pick up our tickets for the show. Did I mention there was an even longer queue to get in to the venue? Good thing we arrived half an hour early!

The venue itself was very intimate and suited the “sideshow” atmosphere. I got ringside tickets and glad we weren’t sitting right in the front. Some of the acts were extremely nail-biting and made me very nervous for the performers. Nonetheless they all performed above expectations and it was an excellent night out and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Highly recommended!

Until next time,




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