Post Grad Studies

So I decided last year to hit the books again. More specifically, a Masters in Construction Law.

(Yes this is the love affair for law I will often allude to… )

After finishing uni, like most other students, I vowed to never go back to uni and study again. I’ll never forget the day I handed in my thesis after weeks of sleepless nights. That liberating “jump for joy” feeling. That I was ready for the “working world”. BRING IT!

Sadly, it is true what they say. You don’t really apply EVERYTHING you learn at uni. It’s really not enough and nowadays everyone has more than one degree…

So I applied and got accepted to study a Masters in Construction Law at The University of Melbourne. The best thing about this Masters course is the “intensive” teaching where you fly in for a week of intensive teaching then complete a research essay or a take home exam later. It’s perfect for the working professional or for someone like me who doesn’t live in Melbourne.

Did I mention  they send you a massive lever arch file of reading material that you’re expected to read before the week of intensive teaching? And the pages are printed back to front, sometimes in A5 which means 8 pages of reading to one A4 page…

Despite all this, I do enjoy Construction Law and the material is very relevant to my current role so I do enjoy reading it all (NERD ALERT!).

So I guess being “back at uni” isn’t so bad at all. Especially now when you’re older and it’s a course that you actually “choose” to study and is relevant to your career. The end game is clear.

Until next time,




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