Adele comes to Perth

Adele finally came to Australia! *jumps for joy*

So I was lucky enough to have friends who were sitting at their desk at work madly refreshing their browsers trying to secure tickets to her concert!

The concert was held at Domain Stadium in Subiaco, Perth. I must admit, concerts are much better in an open air stadium! Having said that, luckily it was a beautiful Perth night with a light cooling breeze! Few days leading to the concert, Adele was all over the media with regards to her sound checks being a “free concert” for those living nearby.

The queue to get in to the stadium was long so it took us a lot longer than expected to get in to the stadium. We finally made it to our “nose bleeding” seats when the usher told her our seats have been relocated. “Relocated to where?”  I asked the usher in an unhappy tone. My friend quietly whispered to me “Shh, usually they’re better seats…” And she was right, we were relocated from D to B reserve! Hashtag winning!

Adele was great to experience live. I love how raw and real she was as an artist! Her voice just effortlessly carried throughout the stadium. She spoke the truth and whatever came to her mind! Her concert had personal touches, like the confetti that filled the stadium with handwritten song titles that she sang. She even wrote a letter and placed it underneath a random seat for a fan!  I had a great night and would love to see her again! It was definitely a concert that I’ll always remember!

Until next time,


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