So the other day I went to Rottnest for the first time. I’ve grown up in Perth my whole life and have never stepped foot on to the island! Long overdue!

Started with one of the Meetup girls asking me if I had plans for the long weekend as she was thinking of spending one of the days at Rottnest. I jumped at the opportunity as it would’ve been a solo trip for me at some stage down the track.

It was a 37 degree day in Perth but lucky for us, it’s much cooler on Rottnest – I found the island quite shady. We had an early start with the ferry departing Perth at 8.30am sharp. We took the Rottnest Express which stopped twice along the way in Freo taking 2hrs to reach the island. When we got to the island, we were famished so our mission was to find food fast. We tried the infamous bakery which I found quite average. In my opinion just another average country pie. Maybe I’ve eaten too many pies in my lifetime and suddenly became a pie snob.

Anyway we hired our bikes which considering the timing after lunch, worked out perfectly as we only needed to hire the bikes for 3 hrs as opposed to the whole day – half price! Winning! We preceded to adjust the bikes and chose what looked like uncleaned rejected helmets. That aside, it was extremely liberating riding around the island. There were no cars in sight except for the odd tour buses but they were driving so slow that it felt really safe. We practically went beach hopping!

The beaches at Rottnest were picturesque. White, soft sandy beaches with various shades of blue (I should probably note, some of the beaches did have a lot of shells at the bottom and seaweed floating around in the waters). Nonetheless, most of the beaches were secluded and we were the only ones there! Definitely felt like we were on a private island. We took this opportunity to take snaps of ourselves elegantly walking out of the waters – think James Bond.

Did I mention how cute the quokkas were?

It was a long day but I’d definitely come back and stay overnight to see the sunset on the island.

Until next time,


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