Easter Bunny

So awhile back I signed up to an “Easter cake workshop” at the Kitchen Warehouse in Osborne Park. The class went for an hour and a half and we were taught by a lovely lady named Paula from “Charles & Violet” to create this bunny figurine using fondant:

This was my first time playing with fondant and it was a lot harder than it looks! Few tips I picked up were:

  •  Using Tylose Powder on “structural” elements to keep it hard. Talking to a few other class participants, fondant going soft was a common issue. The Tylose powder was very easy to use. You only need to knead in a bit at a time as the fondant will gradually harden as you start shaping it and leaving it to “dry”
  • Gently handle the fondant especially when rolling it in to a ball – gives it a polished shiny look!
  • Use corn flour when the fondant starts to get sticky
  • Use a match stick to pick at the fondant in various directions to create a “fluffy look”
  • Only use a little bit of glue and wait for it to become sticky
  • Use thin pasta to attach the body and head together (eatable solution!)

Overall, I really enjoyed my first experience with fondant and will attempt to make more cake toppings!

Until next time,



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