So I’ve recently picked up ‘silks dancing’. For those who don’t know it’s a form of aerial dance, think of ‘ballet on air’.  It’s extremely challenging as it requires a lot of upper body strength! I don’t go to the gym, push a lot of weights nor am I flexible so you can imagine the pain I am in the next morning when I wake up and attempt to lift my arms up to dress myself!

One of the main reasons I decided to pick this up is to learn to ‘let go’. I’ve always found it hard to do handstands, cartwheels and back flips as a kid so why not try and do it in the air?

Other reasons include muscle toning, strengthening of the core and back, improve flexibility and build my overall confidence!

It’s also a cool skill to have in your back pocket… because all the parties I go to conveniently have two silk cloths hanging from a structural sound ceiling for me to hang off…

Until next time,




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