Lesmurdie Falls

So last weekend I went hiking at Lesmurdie Falls.  We popped by Guildford for a quick brekky and was pleasantly surprised how cheap it was! $8 for scrambled eggs on toast & $3 for a coffee! That’s almost unheard of in Perth!

Lesmurdie Falls isn’t too far out of Perth – maybe a 30 min drive? Basically no excuses to not check it out because it’s not a “long drive”.

We were very lucky with the weather, another warm sunny day! Having never been to Lesmurdie Falls before, Google maps led us to Mundy National Park. We didn’t spend much time here as it felt as though we were going “off-track” and being our first time hiking, we didn’t want to get lost!

So we hopped back in to the car and found the “Federation Trail”, which I believe is the hike to the bottom of the falls.

It was a fairly easy hike with not that much incline.  I do recommend wearing proper shoes with grip at the bottom as the loose gravel and rocks can make the hike slippery. The views of Perth were amazing , I could smell the freshness of the native plants and the serenity was well worth it!

I will definitely come back once there has been more rainfall and considering how close it is to Perth, it’s hard not to!

Until next time,



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